Senior Thesis
“Gentrification in New York City” 


Gentrification is when an influx of middle or high-income families move into an area typically dominated by those of low-income. As a result, the neighborhood and its makeup are altered by actions that cater to the more financially affluent demographic. My project engages with gentrification through different media. such as editorial, periodical, and Web design, which not only inform but also connect communities resisting gentrification.

InformedNYC is a website focusing on unifying New Yorkers by informing them of their housing rights and bridging communities together. The website includes a newsletter titled "What's Happening in Your Neighborhood?," which focuses on neighborhoods in NYC’s five boroughs. The content is based on submissions from an area’s local residents, like the zines. They are based on locals’ accounts of how they’ve been affected by gentrification, urge readers to take action.

Lastly, “Gentrification in New York City” is an editorial project that compiles research, photo series, and essays on the topic of gentrification, providing readers with an informative physical takeaway. The main goal of this project is to create tools that unify New Yorkers through information and assistance as they fight gentrification