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︎︎︎ Creating graphics that have a uniformed style and distinct brand guideline, for each event or season. These graphics serve as templates, for quick turnaround times and smooth hand offs, during the fast paced major league games.

︎︎︎ Subway Series ︎ self-directed and designed. Highlighting the wild and distinctive juxtaposition NYC has to offer. Focusing on the infamous rivarly between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets.

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︎︎︎ Mexico Series ︎ collaborated with MLB’s Mexico design team by utilizing the hand drawn Mexicans assets they created. Designed the rest of the graphics to highlight team colors and represent this unique series happening in Mexico.

︎︎︎ V2 Regular Season ︎ Provided creative direction to two other designers to create the second iteration of the ‘23 regular season. 

The second iteration of the MLB Regular Season templates maintains the use of the sans serif font Neue Haas Grotesk, accompanied by an octagonal typeface known as Hydrophilia Liquid. Additionally, we have continued to center our graphics with team colors. 

Our primary focus remains on the younger audience and emerging artists, as we strive to incorporate current design trends that are highly valued across various platforms. By refreshing and introducing new design elements to MLB's social pages, we aim to stay in sync with the fluctuating internet trends. Ultimately, our objective is to facilitate seamless sharing and enhance accessibility for
all viewers.


︎︎︎ V1 Regular Season ︎ Provided creative direction to two other designers to create the ‘23 regular season. 

A minimalistic, yet experimental graphic style for this years regular season templates. Current design trends are the juxtaposition of a san serif and serif font, using this combo, we will also be pushing the boundaries on typographic design. Templates will be team color specific.

Choose this direction, fully immersing ourselves into these design trends, to breakaway from the design mold most sports organizations conform to. These templates will resonate amongst young fans and emerging artist who will appreciate the new look introduced to our socials. It’s legibility and simplicity will be accessible to any viewer, allowing sharing or reposting to be organic.

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